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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

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Welcome to the fifth episode of the FNAF series. This time, the walkthrough has been seriously updated, and you will face a lot of thrilling novelties. As before, you need to spend several nights in one building with evil animatronics that turn into monsters when the night comes. You play for a night guard who must control the premises and his unexpected opponents thought the surveillance cameras. The enemies are determined to reach you, so the adventure turns into a horror survival.

What’s new in this chapter?

This installment comes with new features and mechanics. First of all, you will see new animated toys in this story. Circus Baby is the trickiest of them all. Each animatronic has unique abilities and attack methods. The storyline is more complicated as now you will not stay in one room but have to explore several locations. Every night, you will receive a new task to complete. Try to hold out for five long nights, without allowing insane toys catching you. Monitor doors and ventilation shafts in your tiny office and block them if the toys are too close. Once it is morning, you can sigh with relief – the animatronics will lose their evil powers until the next night. Do your best to survive!

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