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Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns

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A very unusual role awaits you in this horror game. You will become a night guard in an antique shop. You have heard a lot of strange rumors about this place. But what can be so scary about the place that sells old toys? But very soon, you will completely change your mind.

Will you survive all the nights?

There are many weird dolls on the shelves of this shop. Their appearances are a bit scary and some people even call them The Evil Clowns. And during your first night, you will perfectly understand why it is so. When the night comes, these creatures come to life and turn into evil monsters. Now, your only thought is to survive till morning. You will have to go through a true horror adventure. Are you ready to switch on all your logic and agility and trick the treacherous opponents? Be careful as they may pop up behind your back without a warning!

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