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Ice Scream Horror

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Too much ice-cream isn’t good for you, your parents told you that, but you didn’t listen. Now, you find yourself in the middle of a freaky game called Ice Scream. The game is like a horror movie where the villain is an ice cream seller who has kidnapped children and hidden them in his truck. And you’re about to rescue them!

When ice-cream really kills

As you roam around the game world, you feel a sense of dread building up inside you. The ice cream truck looks innocent, but you know that there is something sinister lurking inside. You can hear children screaming and crying, and you know you have to act fast.

But the ice cream seller is watching your every move. You can feel his eyes on you as you sneak around trying to rescue the kids. Every wrong step could lead to your capture, and you don’t want to end up in the ice cream man’s clutches. Save the children and escape the wrath of the ice cream man!

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