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Obunga Kogama

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Every active player knows that Kogama platform is full of exciting projects. You can find literally all genres here. And if you are a fan of games full of thrills, then it is time to test Obunga. You have definitely met this meme before on the Internet. But now, it is a live personage. And moreover, this ugly creature will be hunting you!

Will you run away from Obunga?

It is a very good question as no one knows in advance whether he will manage to run faster than this weird opponent. He will follow you in different locations and will appear behind your back without a warning. Sometimes, you will feel that your enemy is only a step apart and will catch you the next second. But do not look back, as Obunga terrible face will paralyze you! Do not you believe the fear can be so overwhelming? Then it’s time to start the adventure!

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