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Piggy Escape from the Pig

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Do you love adventures that make you freeze with horror? Then you are definitely a fan of the survival genre with horror elements. Today, you will test your skills against a very cute character – it is Piggy. If you happened to meet this personage in other games where she was quite friendly, it has changed now. Piggy has transformed into a monster and lured you into her house with only one goal – to kill you. Will you be able to find an exit from a completely unfamiliar place and with an insane antagonist following you? It is going to be a risky adventure, but you will surely cope!

Do not allow Piggy to approach you too close!

You will have to make a long way throughout the facility and interact with a number of objects. You will have to go through many doors that are locked, so make sure to look for the keys that can be hidden in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, Piggy will use a moment to approach you too close. Try to avoid such a situation, as it will be enough for her to each touch you to capture you. So do not stay for too long in one and the same place. Move forward and explore this creepy house at the same time to find hints and things to speed up your walkthrough! Do not allow Piggy to outperform you!

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