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Geometry Dash Horror

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All fans of quests and puzzles love Geometry Dash series. But this time, you are offered to play its unexpected modification – you will test a real horror adventure with a restless cube. As in the original story, you will control a square-shaped character that needs to pass a difficult obstacle course. And this time, it will also contain horror elements. Are you ready to proceed in a spooky environment? You will need all your courage and agility to succeed! Let’s test your skills now!

Overcome all obstacles with ease!

You must navigate your personage through endless trials. You will face a lot of deadly traps on your way, and you need to jump them over to continue your way. All levels are now really dark and spooky and the atmosphere is not friendly at all! In addition to this all, you will also meet a lot of demonic creatures that will try to stop you. Terrible clown faces will appear here and there, trying to frighten you to death! Make sure you stay focused and continue your way no matter what scary twists you come across. All new levels bring more complicated trials so make sure you timely react to all obstacles and threats. This time, the Geometry Dash challenge is really thrilling!

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