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Evil Nun Schools Out

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You play for a student who is going to stay in summer school camp. However, as soon as you get to the place, you will have to forget about all these happy plans. It is a haunted school that is run by the evil nun. She is obsessed with demons and is going to kill everyone she could lure into her trap. Unfortunately, you will realize it too late. The insane antagonist has already planned that you will become her next victim. So you must act fast if you want to remain alive.

Find the key and run away!

There is only one way to survive – you must find the key from the front door and run away. But you even do not know where to find an exit in this terrible place. So you must start exploring the location and look for it. But your opponent will immediately understand you are going to escape and follow you. If you are not smart enough – she will kill you before you reach the front door. So move carefully and hide if you hear your enemy is approaching. You have only five attempts to leave this haunted school. Solve puzzles to get helpful hints. If you do not manage to unlock the door – you will stay here forever. So think well as you move along the creepy place and avoid the evil nun! Good luck in this challenge!

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