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Obunga The Backrooms

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Have you already played The Backrooms? Then you know the plot of the original game – you are lost in a very weird labyrinth. It seems to be endless and you are completely alone here. The place looks gloomy and even depressive – all rooms and corridors are the same. Of course, the first thought is to get out of here as soon as possible. But it will be a real challenge to find that damn door. Besides, this time, the task is even more complicated as you will have an enemy here!

Obunga is here!

Have you ever heard anything about Obunga? It is a funny meme that has been widely spread on the Internet lately. But now, he becomes an antagonist in The Backrooms. This time, the personage does not look friendly at all – he is determined to catch the player. Who knows what he will do with you once you are in his hands? Looking at his terrible appearance, one thing is clear enough – it is better not to risk as the outcome may be unpredictable. It is obvious, this monster will leave you no chance to remain alive! So it is time to start running without looking back!

Run as fast as you only can!

You will run along the well-known labyrinth. It only seems at first glance that the path in front of you is clean. In fact, you will see lots of obstacles in front of you. All these things may become a deadly trap – if you stop even for a moment, the ugly creature will immediately catch you. And be very careful – your new opponent seems to have lots of super powers. Obunga can easily walk through walls and even fly a little when it is needed. So the danger is everywhere, and it will be extremely difficult to avoid it. Only the smartest players will be able to pass this hurdle successfully. Are you ready to test your agility? Try to hold out for as long as you can. Otherwise, your character is doomed!

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