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Obunga Minecraft

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From the very first weeks of its existence, Minecraft has captured the Internet. The fact that at first glance it seemed rather clumsy and primitive graphics, which appeared only because someone wanted to save money on the services of a designer and was too lazy to draw more or less believable details, quickly became a sign of a special 8-bit pixel style. The square-headed versions of our favorite characters have been popping up one after another in the cubic versions of the games we’ve been getting pretty bored with, and now they’re playing with new colors. Today we invite you to evaluate how the fresh popular horror Obunga looks like in a Minecraft wrapper!

More suspense, more pixels!

In fact, the only thing that has changed in the gameplay of Obung Minecraft is the visual side. Now the endless yellow corridors are full of broken pixels. All objects have acquired signature angularity, and Obunga glares out of the darkness with square eyes, as if he saw his reflection in the mirror and was frightened of himself. This eight-bit makes the game even more creepy – it really seems to you that you are sleeping and having a terrible dream, where everything is not the same as in reality. It is absolutely impossible to understand what is happening. You wander through a dimly lit maze, turning into another nook and cranny with the thought: what is waiting for you there this time? It’s even scarier to open doors leading to numerous rooms.

Solve puzzles, find a way out and beware of Obungа!

Each of these rooms contains a puzzle that you need to solve. What if it is from here that you can get back to the real world? If you want this to happen before Obunga gets to you (or at least before you completely lose your mind), you will have to methodically go into one room after another and try to figure out the puzzles that the developers have prepared for you. Each of them is unique and strange in its own way. So, you have to spend many hours in Obunga Minecraft, feeling how your brain slowly boils from active work and an influx of disturbing emotions. How close is Obunga? Perhaps he will attack in the next second? Play this wonderful cubic horror game and get your dose of adrenaline!

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