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Obunga GMod

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GMod is a real finding for those who enjoy creating something and is an engineer at heart. In this incredible sandbox you can craft the most unbelievable devices, vehicles and other bizarre things based on realistic physics and mechanics. Combining a few details in one way or another may lead to unexpected results, and before you know it, you’re the inventor of a futuristic laser gun or some kind of an underwater bubble car. During the years of GMod’s existence, the community has come up with versions of the game dedicated especially to some other popular games and allowing you to create your own characters, weapons and whole maps based on the original setting. One of them is Obunga that is now available in Garry’s Mod too!

Make your own Obunga map!

Are you a fan of Obunga? Can you spend hours roaming the spooky yellow halls and opening doors behind which you can meet the horrible monster everyone is afraid of? How about creating a maze of your own, with all the contents in each of the rooms and amazing puzzles the likes of which you’re used to solve playing the original game? If so, Obunga GMod is just the kind of game you have to try!

Here you can come up with your own piece of visual reality inspired by the famous horror. There are textures, elements and characters waiting for you here that you will surely recognize from those gaming sessions you already had in OBUNGA before. But now you can combine them at will creating a horror location of your own!

Test it out and have fun!

However, the most exciting feature of GMod’s version is that you can actually test out the environment you just created! So it won’t be just a pretty patch of horror setting that you can do nothing with, but a playable map you can try to pass yourself and shape with other players. By the way, it will also be fun to check out their own works and compare them to yours. Enjoy the process and create your perfect horror!

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