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Obunga FNF

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We love FHF for the hot, leg-twitching tracks, the abundance of characters and worlds that the main characters travel through on their next hip-hop tour. In each mod, you can meet new incredible characters that you probably know from other games. And fighting them on the rap scene is even more interesting! This time you have to face a terrible creature named Obunga. Can you defeat him in a musical confrontation? Let’s find out!

Fight the embodiment of fear in a rap battle!

Obunga lives in a dark place made of your nightmares. He does not leave this labyrinth and waits for the lost souls to break them with the help of panic and paranoia. He’s not the most pleasant opponent to face in the FNF scene, but you have no choice and you’ll have to challenge your own fears to overcome him!

The gameplay has not changed compared to the previous parts. You will see Boyfriend in neon spotlight and in his usual outfit. He will have a microphone in his hand, a cap on his head, and he will be ready to please the audience with mind-blowing beats. All that is required of you is to press the arrow buttons in time with the rhythm. Of course, the buttons must be pressed not at random, but in accordance with the prompts on the screen. You will see a series of arrows floating above your character – look, do not miss!

Catch the rhythm, earn points and rock the stage!

For each correctly executed beat you will get points, and several well-taken notes in a row will bring you a combo that will allow you to immediately significantly increase your score. However, try not to make mistakes too often – this will not only reduce your chances of winning, but can also seriously undermine your health. The health bar is located at the bottom of the screen – when it reaches a critical minimum, you will not be able to continue the performance, so try to keep it up on a safe level.

By the way, you can expect any nasty things from such a vile creature as Obunga! Watch him with both eyes so that he does not start using various dirty tricks against you. Deftly dodge the charges of fear that he will send in your direction, and do not interrupt the show for a second! Good luck!

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