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What could be worse than being locked in an unknown place, where everything is strange and disturbing, and besides, some terrible creature is chasing you? In Obunga, you will experience a real test of paranoia, because you do not know when your enemy will attack the next moment! Can you get out of here before he gets to you? Play and find out!

Find your way out of the spooky maze!

After starting the game, you will find yourself in a frightening space that resembles your worst nightmares. This is an intricate web of corridors and rooms, lit by a dim yellow light that instills fear. How did you get here? What is it all about? You don’t know the answers. The only thing that is clear to you is that you must get out of here as soon as possible! To do this, you will have to explore every nook and cranny of the dark labyrinth and solve the puzzles that the developers have prepared for you.

One of them is waiting for you behind every door. Once you open it, you never know what you’ll see. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps a strange collection of objects that need to be manipulated in order for something to happen. Whether it will help you get out of the terrible maze is unknown, but you have to try. Rely on your intuition or use logic. You need to figure out how these objects interact with each other in order to put them together into a meaningful system and achieve the desired effect. But be careful, you are not alone!

Be on the lookout – Obunga is close!

This place is inhabited by a terrible monster named Obunga. He only remotely resembles a human, and one look into his huge glassy eyes is enough to panic. This is how he catches his victims – he suddenly appears in front of them, hoping that they will freeze in place and he will be able to take them with his bare hands. So your only chance for salvation is to keep your cool no matter what and quickly respond to any situation.

Therefore, you should not direct all your attention to solving the next puzzle. While one of your eyes is occupied with examining the room, the other must constantly watch – and will Obunga appear in the far corner? Even if you keep your mind constantly on his possible appearance, it’s hard not to sweat when his frightening face suddenly pops into your field of vision. Your hair will stand on end more than once, and the adrenaline that will be thrown into your blood will be enough for many months to come! Play this exciting online horror game and enjoy the suspense!

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