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Survival of the Smartest

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This game comes in a mixed genre, combining both horror and trivia features. Are you ready to give your brains a proper test? But it may happen at a cost of your life. If you still feel your intelligence is in a good shape, then let’s give it a try! But remember the warning – lots of thrills have been prepared for you here!

How to play?

You will find yourself in the long corridors of high school. And you should move forward. From time to time, you will come across questions that are presented in the form of a poster pinned to the wall. Each question will come with two possible answers. And your task is to select the right one. It will become darker and spookier. You will hardly see the writing on the wall. But you need to continue and keep trying to choose the right option. Will you manage to make it through till the very end of this dull corridor?

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