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Obunga is a horror game that has recently gained momentum in the web where you will be running away from a scary creature with big eyes while exploring a creepy dreamlike maze and solving puzzles to get out. It will surely delight all fans of the genre and bring you a lot of thrilling emotions. Shall we begin?

Who is Obunga?

Your antagonist in the game is named Obunga. It’s an aggressive and unpredictable humanlike creature with gray skin and terrifyingly big (and empty) eyes who enjoys playing with his victims. So he won’t be attacking right away, but will rather wait for the right moment to catch you off guard. And even though you will learn certain signs signaling about the approach of this monster and giving you some kind of a head start to take some action, it will still be a grim surprise most of the times. So prepare to jump up in your computer chair much more than once when Obunga’s face shows up on the screen out of the blue! Or rather, yellow in this case.

Hopefully, you won’t meet him any time soon and will have an opportunity to look around and get used to the setting you’ll find yourself in a bit! Staying here is creepy enough, and your nerves will be on edge every second. You really need to keep yourself together and stay focused if you want any chance to get out of this nightmare!

Can you find a way out?

The concept of OBUNGA will be familiar to everyone who played The Backrooms. You will get into a similar paranoid environment with the same yellow paint covering the long walls meandering into the distance. The whole maze drowns in eerie twilight, you can hear the buzzing of the lamps that aren’t enough to illuminate every dark corner of this spooky place, and as you walk along these winding halls, you can feel madness creeping its way into your mind.

It’s a good thing you can open one of the doors that sometimes appear in these walls and see what’s behind it for a change. But it will hardly make things any easier because you will have to solve no less surreal puzzles than everything happening here. The game won’t give you much of a clue on how to do it. You will have to figure everything out on your own and try different ways of interacting with objects. One of them will surely turn out to be right! Start playing OBUNGA online right now, enjoy the atmosphere of thrill and suspense and see if you can get away from the horrible monster hunting you!

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