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The Backrooms

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Are you looking for new thrills and emotions? Then it is time to test your survival skills in The Backrooms. The task is simple and clear – you need to look for an exit from a maze. But wait before you are sure you can do it with ease. It may become a true struggle!

Will you find an exit?

The place looks really dull – an endless concession of rooms and corridors. There is no furniture here – only bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The more you walk from one room to another, the more alarming feeling creeps inside your mind. It seems someone invisible is following you on your heels. There is no sign of a door or a window, and it looks like you are moving in a vicious circle. Be very careful and do not miss any hint that may be found on your way. Note that there are different endings to this story, and not all of them are positive for the hero. Will you manage to escape?

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