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Mr. Meat House Of Flesh

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Terrible zombies have attacked the earth, turning lots of people into bloodthirsty creatures. You play for a character whose neighbor has been also possessed by this contagious disease. You have seen how Mr. Meat have dragged several people into his house. These are, of course, his future victims. And you must act fast of you do not want these poor people to die. Are you brave enough to sneak into a creepy house of your dangerous neighbor? This is the only way to save his hostages. So let’s start on this mission!

Kill all zombies and save all people!

You will find yourself in the house full of deadly traps. Your opponent is not stupid at all and has prepared well for your visit. The location consists of different rooms and corridors – you must explore them all. It will be very risky as zombies may attack you at any moment and from behind any corner. So make sure you are always ready to fend off their attacks. It seems your opponent can predict your action and arrange unbelievable trials to stop you. Do not allow him to confuse you – think out of the box to mislead Mr.Meat and destroy him. Kill all zombies you meet on your way and collect trophies that fall out of their bodies. Good luck!

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