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Evil Nun

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Nuns are supposed to be all good and kind-hearted, but this one is a real monster. In this game, you find yourself trapped inside a dark and eerie school, with no way out. The Evil Nun is lurking around every corner, ready to pounce on you at any moment. Stay away from her!

Get away from the nun!

Sister Madeline is really scary. Her twisted smile sends shivers down your spine, and you can feel her evil energy permeating the air. You must solve puzzles and complete tasks to escape the school and avoid the clutches of the Evil Nun. But be careful, she can hear every sound you make, and she is always watching. As you wander through the darkened halls, you can hear the creaking of the nun’s habit and the tapping of her cane. You know you must be quiet and stay hidden if you want to make it out alive. Start your horror quest right now and good luck!

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