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Santy is Home

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This horror adventure is devoted to the seasonal holidays. It is Christmas time, but it does not mean that only good things happen during this time of miracles. Evil heroes also use it to their advantage – and this is what happened in this story. One day, the protagonists opens his door, expecting his daughter. But instead, he receives a terrible note that informs him that the girl has been kidnapped by the evil Santy. Now, the hero must prepare a Christmas present for this terrible enemy to get his daughter back. Will you help him with this task?

Follow all the instructions from the note!

You must read the message carefully to understand what you should do to return the hero’s daughter back. It is a really difficult quest – you can make only one mistake to spoil everything. Explore the house carefully – you will need to find a lot of different objects and hints hidden around. And do not forget you must get a gift for this terrible Santy if you want to return the girl. The game has a lot of unexpected twists and risks, so you must be very careful not to fail it! Despite the entertainment looks funny, it can become a real struggle for the player. So prove you have enough skills to complete it successfully!

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